May 23, 2022

As more voters believe the lies of GOP extremists, lead by Trump, more of the party are pushing for a policy that the former admin embraced and if GOP gets back into power then it may be the end of US democracy as we know it; A 21-year-old Russian soldier is the first to be tried and found guilty of committing war crimes in the Ukraine. What a waste of a young man following orders from a deranged political leader; Georgia’s Latino population has been steadily growing. So why aren’t there more Latinos elected to political office? Or better question: Do we really need to ask?; Some researchers have developed an exciting new method to kill cyberattacks in less than a second. The best news is that the solution applies to personal computers, as well as, corporate networks; and Why is Mexico’s president attacking his country’s most highly regarded university? Go beyond the headlines…

Republicans plot isolationist surge

Russian soldier sentenced to life in prison in Ukraine conflict’s first war crimes trial

1 in 6 US kids are in families below the poverty line

Georgia’s Latino population keeps growing. Why are there so few in office?

A record 100 million people have been forced from their homes

MIT Scientists Unveil a Secret of Stronger Metals

New method to kill cyberattacks in less than a second

Smart forest solutions that will change the world in 2022

Mexico’s López Obrador renews his attacks on National Autonomous University

Thousands in Uruguay attend ‘March of Silence’ to demand whereabouts of the missing by former military dictatorship

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