May 24, 2024

On the surface, Russia and China appear to be acting independently, but beneath? Reuters reports this morning that Putin is ready to negotiate a ceasefire. On the other hand, Xi Jinping is getting bolder in laying his claim over Taiwan. Unrelated? My cynical self doesn’t trust that it is; It’s a question that many people face every year: Is the price of college really worth the debt? The findings in this study may surprise; We shouldn’t be surprised but a new study finds that X (formerly Twitter) is the new breeding ground for fake election-related accounts and validates which side is the most untrustworthy; MIT engineers are getting into the weight-loss pill business that is ‘shaking’ the competition; and One of Cuba’s most iconic industries is facing a ‘bitter’ end. Go beyond the headlines…

Survey: Is college worth it?

Reuters Exclusive: Putin wants Ukraine ceasefire on current frontlines

More Americans Now Regularly Smoke Weed Than Drink Alcohol

Major consumer divide: The rich keep spending, as poorer Americans struggle

Fake US election-related accounts proliferating on X, study says

Engineers develop a vibrating, ingestible capsule that might help treat obesity

Recycling Cement Could Solve One Of The Biggest Climate Problems

Which Is the Best Book Tracking App? A Comparison of 5 Book Trackers

Cuba laments collapse of iconic sugar industry

Centuries-Old Maya Beekeeping Tools Unearthed in Mexico

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