May 28, 2024

Even though economists keep telling us that the economy isn’t that bad, it’s bad enough that 78 percent feel fast food is now a ‘luxury;’ During COVID, everyone yearned for wide, open spaces. So many that they left their tiny places in the city to move where they had more room, especially if they could work remotely. A new study finds that people still want those open spaces and are abandoning Big City living; What is justice? For starters, justice would be colorblind. Justice would be delivered in a fair, impartial ruling. Justice would be free of bias from a judge. Sounds idealistic, right? According to scientists, not with algorithms; and Mexico is gearing up for a very important presidential election and the world is closely watching — with an army of international observers on the ground. Go beyond the headlines…

78% of Americans see fast food as a ‘luxury’: Survey

Spain, Norway, Ireland formally recognize Palestinian state

Why Americans keep fleeing big cities for smaller towns even after COVID

Why grocery bills feel so high, even though food inflation is technically low

Nationwide Spice Recall Update as FDA Issues Concern Level

New studies find algorithms could improve judicial decisions eliminating some systemic biases of judges

25 Year Study Reveals Disturbing Effect Heat Waves Are Having on Births

Teen made app for peers who are anxious, lonely: ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’

More than 1,000 international observers will monitor Mexico’s elections

Archaeologists Unearth Lost Camps of Chile’s Elephant Hunters

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