May 29, 2024

Reviewing today’s headlines for the daily summary, I was surprised at how many dealt with climate change. I don’t consciously choose a theme and try to find headlines that align but you wouldn’t think that after perusing these ten. I look for headlines that are informative, pique an interest and encourage us to “go beyond the headlines” to discover the story. Today’s articles, from Venezuela’s lost glaciers to Alaska losing its pristine rivers to the insufferable heat in Mexico to the nation’s city with the distinction of being the biggest death trap, all these point to a reality too many are turning a blind eye and their back to — our planet’s heat is dangerously accelerating and putting us all at risk. Instead of bombing one another, it’s time (overdue) to pool our resources and slow down the inevitable. Ironically, the greatest stride in lowering this risk occurred at the height of COVID when everyone was confined to their homes. Though people were dying, the planet was beginning to breathe again. We need to figure out an unified way to achieve both goals; Four international flashpoints are identified as potential sources for throwing the world into bloody chaos; and Remember that story of a Las Vegas family claiming a ship of aliens landed in their backyard last year? Since the story surfaced, many people have tried to debunk the story. After reviewing the video footage, one film expert arrived at a conclusion that many won’t like. Go beyond the headlines…

Common image search results are overwhelmingly white, a new study finds

Our tinderbox moment: Four flashpoints around the world

‘Just brutal’: Why America’s hottest city is seeing a surge in deaths

Data reveals rising economic ‘distress’ across America despite post-pandemic growth

Exclusive: Nicotine-like chemicals in U.S. vapes may be more potent than nicotine, FDA says

Rivers in Alaska are turning orange. The reason surprised even scientists

Las Vegas ‘Aliens’ Video: What We Know

Spotify experiments with an AI DJ that speaks Spanish

Mexico is so hot that monkeys, birds and bats are falling dead from trees

Venezuela has become the first country to lose all its glaciers

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