May 4, 2023

When politicians, rogue governments and random members of the public attack the validity of journalists and their news outlets, media freedom is threatened. When extremist pundits, who like to identify themselves as journalists, attack the integrity and credibility of their (so-called) industry peers, media freedom is in crisis — and, sadly, it’s happening around the world more frequently. Check out the World Press Freedom Index to discover the countries with the highest marks for respecting press freedoms. Hint: Those are probably the countries most of us wish we lived in; Video of news reports from Russia that a pair of drones tried to either assassinate Putin or bomb the Kremlin exposed an all too-common tactic by Putin – create an event, fault Zelensky and use it to justify harsher and broader attacks on Ukraine. Video footage reveals a rather clumsy attempt for any kind of attack and just highlights the depth of desperation Putin feels these days. It’s no wonder that NATO is sounding a new alarm of what the West can expect from this delusional man; You know what May 5 is — besides being Cinco de Mayo? It’s a lunar eclipse that astronomers say will be full of ‘astronomical wonder’!; Go beyond the headlines…

Media freedom in dire state in record number of countries, report finds

NATO warns Russia could target undersea pipelines and cables

White House announces executive actions on AI

U.S. job openings fall, as layoffs rise

Biden’s plan to win back Latino voters is built off his 2020 mistakes

Lunar eclipse on May 5 will be a subtle show of astronomical wonder. An astronomer explains

An epic global study of moss reveals it is far more vital to Earth’s ecosystems than we knew

SleepSync, new app designed to help shift workers catch more Zs

Mexico develops own COVID-19 vaccine, 2 years late

Jair Bolsonaro: Police search home of ex-president

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