May 3, 2024

Go to college. Get a degree. You’re set for life. That’s the assumption everyone, and every family who’s scrimped and saved to send their children to college, foresee for their investment in higher education. However, new data on today’s labor market is revealing a new reality emerging that will challenge many to question which route into the labor market holds more lasting value; It’s very easy to think that everyone enjoys the same benefits of living in the USA. Reality is a far different story. So, what Biden just did for Dreamers is long overdue; Did you know Mexicans pretty much yawn when it comes to Cinco de Mayo?; It seems young Chinese are finding their voices and expressing them in a fashion that is ‘foreign’ to their authoritarian government; Climate change is changing the habitats of many in the animal and insect kingdom but what it’s doing to bumblebees is ‘scorching’ their future existence; and Google is laying off their engineers and finance employees, and moving those jobs ‘south.’ Go beyond the headlines…

Gen Zers Are Asking Their Parents To Help Them Find Jobs, New Survey Shows

A Chinese flavor of rap music is flourishing as emerging musicians find their voices

Biden expands ObamaCare to Dreamers

The U.S. labor market is shifting toward skilled labor as white-collar hiring slows

What’s Really Happening on College Campuses, According to Student Journalists

Why Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo more than Mexicans

Research shows bumblebee nests are overheating due to climate change, threatening future populations

Twitch app moves into news coverage, redefining journalism

Google plans to move engineering, finance jobs to Mexico after layoffs

Colombia’s Wayúu people live on land rich in resources. So why are their children dying of hunger?

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