May 5, 2022

The fear that overturning Roe v. Wade will extend far beyond abortion rights is fueling a backlash against conservatives that the GOP underestimated. It has exposed just how small a group the vocal bullies advocating for taking away a fundamental human right – making one’s own decision over what to do with her body – actually is; In the meantime, abortion rights groups are seeing renewed support for their cause; Evictions are on the rise; Scientists just made a sweet discovery in the world’s oceans; and Trump disciple, TX Gov. Abbott, just delivered a present to his opponent Beto O’Rourke, courtesy of Mexico. Go beyond the headlines…

Next battle over access to abortion will focus on pills

Zelensky: Russians are using WWII Nazi propaganda tactics

Donations to U.S. abortion rights groups, clinics surge after Supreme Court leak

Eviction filings are up sharply as pandemic rental aid starts to run out

Older adults aren’t more likely to fall for fake news

3D photogrammetry reveals ancient Native American artwork in Alabama cave

There Are Mountains of Sugar Hidden in The Ocean, And We’ve Only Just Found Out

IMDb launches new interactive gaming app ‘What to Watch’ on Amazon Fire TV

Mexico, US agree on plan to divert commercial border traffic away from Texas

US issues visas in Cuba for first time in more than four years

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