May 9, 2022

As more global dignitaries took clandestine weekend trips to Ukraine to underscore their unwavering support for the freedom fighters, the US was feted to a 60 Minutes interview with Dr. Mark Esper, Trump’s former Defense Secretary. In the interview, we learn the extent of how dangerous Trump was, not just to US democracy, but to our national security and longstanding allies. Esper makes the point that Trump continues to be a danger to the country; The national wealth gap may be widening with fewer lower income households able to afford buying homes but the White House wants to ensure everyone has equal access to the internet; A new survey finds that Latino homebuyers resort to this risky behavior when trying to buy homes; Canada and Mexico have always opened their borders to US tourists and now they’re rolling out the welcome mat for women seeking to make a choice. Go beyond the headlines…

Putin tries to justify Ukraine invasion in Victory Day speech

Must-Watch: Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper: The 60 Minutes Interview

DHS restructures controversial Border Patrol investigations teams

White House says internet providers to discount fee for poor

Latino homebuyers are most likely to use risky financing, survey finds

7 risk factors predict heart attack in young women

Brazil’s Amazon deforestation hits April record, nearly double previous peak

New app ‘Fostershare’ works to end high foster care turnover rates in Texas

Unique Nayarit beachfront hotel’s mission: eradicate a town’s poverty

Canada and Mexico prepare to accept Americans seeking abortions

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