May 6, 2021

News of two more Asian women being attacked overnight doesn’t just illustrate the rise of hate crimes in this country but the increase in gender violence, especially among transgender women — and one US territory holds the dismal distinction of being the epicenter of transgender crimes; There’s a reason why Latino college students avoid college loans; New Google app strives to preserve fading languages; and The US government is finally targeting one of the major root causes of Latin America migration. Go beyond the headlines…

ICE deportations fall to record low in April: report

Global hunger crisis hit five year high in 2020 as 155 million people faced severe food insecurity, new U.N. report says

No End in Sight for Puerto Rico’s Gender Violence Epidemic

‘I Don’t Like Owing Anybody Money’: Why Latino Students Avoid College Loans

Inside L.A’s Lowrider Car Club

Deepening Drought Holds ‘Ominous’ Signs For Wildfire Threat In The West

First genetically modified mosquitoes released in US

This new app from Google is designed to preserve the words of fading languages

Argentina launches “Green Mondays” drive in bid to cut emissions

U.S. targets Central America officials for possible sanctions over corruption

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