May 8, 2020

The latest jobs report reflects the never-before-seen depth of pain many of us, our friends, neighbors and family members are experiencing during this unprecedented times. As more Latinos get disproportionately impacted by job loss and COVID-19 exposure, several Latino groups are rising to the call for help; The Customs Border Patrol chief says strict border policies (90% of people caught at the border were expelled) because of COVID-19 will (probably) continue; Puerto Rico had another earthquake this week (5.4) damaging the island’s museums; and Brazil’s death rate from the virus is accelerating across the country. Go beyond the headlines…

Hispanics lost jobs at higher rates due to coronavirus crisis and Latino groups are scrambling to try to fill the gaps

Strict U.S. border policy may remain as virus eases, says acting CBP chief

90 percent of people apprehended at border expelled under new coronavirus order

Pentagon: Coronavirus Hospitalizations ‘Permanently Disqualify’ U.S. Military Recruits

5.4-Magnitude Earthquake Damages Puerto Rican Museums

This is the racial divide among cancer deaths in every state

America’s meat shortage is more serious than your missing hamburgers

Amazon Sued for Acting Like Users Own “Purchased” Movies (Spoiler Alert: You Don’t)

Google launches ‘Read Along,’ a free app that helps young children practice reading

How domestic abusers tap technology — and how to stop them

Mexican feminist activists form women’s artisanal brewing cooperative

Brazil virus despair stretches from Rio to Amazon

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