November 1, 2023

Overnight news that one of the more fastest-growing co-working spaces, WeWork, is filing for bankruptcy shouldn’t negate the benefits of remote working. That’s true especially for working from home, according to a new study; Israel’s retaliation in Gaza trying to root out Hamas has reached unwatchable images on daily news sites. And with each image, global opinion is shifting which makes this war perilous in keeping it between just Israel and Hamas; A new psychological study finds one ‘sure-fire’ ‘way to achieve your goals; and NASA telescopes captured an eerie image floating in space. Go beyond the headlines…

New study reveals potentially huge advantage of working from home: ‘It’s one interesting piece of the puzzle’

Children were carrying other injured children’: Witness describes aftermath of Israeli strike on Gaza refugee camp

Language induces an identity crisis for the children and grandchildren of Latino immigrants

What rising wage pressures could mean for inflation

Want To Achieve Your Goals? Get Angry

NASA Telescopes Spot Bones of ‘Ghostly’ Cosmic Hand

Pentagon announces long-awaited UFO reporting form

Permission Slip Can Help You Regain Control Over Your Data. Here’s How to Use It

Day of the dead poems: How to write your own

South American countries recall ambassadors and cut ties with Israel over war with Hamas

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