October 31, 2023

It seems the MAGA Republicans have finally achieved their incursion into mainstream US politics and culture. From the Speaker’s position in the House to our local school boards, people who cling to ultra-conservative views and want everyone else to see the world as they do is only growing. Yet, if there’s a sliver of hope in this attempt to ‘Stepfordize’ the rest of US is a new study that finds what happens when books get banned; We’ve heard the atrocities committed by Hamas against their Israeli victims. Now, Russian troops seem to be taking a page from that barbaric strategy and executed it against one family; 800,000 student loan borrowers have a little breathing room because of one company’s mistake; Did you know that child marriages are still legal in most states? Why???; and Want to buy an electric car? Did you know there’s a tax credit to cover some of the cost? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Go beyond the headlines…

Banned books often get circulation bump, new study finds

Ukraine war: Family of 9 shot dead in Russian-occupied Ukrainian town by Russian soldiers

Biden Pauses Interest Rates for 800,000 Student Loan Borrowers

Almost Half Of Americans Haven’t Heard About Biden’s EV Tax Credits

Child marriage is still legal in most of the U.S. Here’s why.  

Desert plant collects water from air by excreting salt on its leaves

Engineers Create ‘Air Conditioning’ for Salmon With Chilled Patches of River Water

ChatGPT for career growth? Practica introduces AI-based career coaching and mentorship

Caravan of at least 5,000 migrants departs Chiapas

Deforestation has big impact on regional temperatures, study of Brazilian Amazon shows

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