November 10, 2022

A cover headline in the New York Post this morning is setting pundits and morning shows on fire with its boldness and call to the GOP; US and its allies reporting that Russia’s loss of soldiers is mounting; We know politicians distort issues for their own benefits and so researchers explain why what’s happening at the border doesn’t mean what the GOP would have us believe; A more diverse Marvel universe; and Scientists are scratching their heads as to why one instrument makes people dance harder. Go beyond the headlines…

The midterms showed American democracy won’t go down without a fight

Conservative Media Outlets Call on GOP to Dump Donald Trump After Midterms

100,000 Russian troops killed or injured in Ukraine, US says

Why the number of encounters at the southern U.S. border does not mean what the GOP says it means

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally getting more diverse

Deep Bass Subconsciously Makes People Dance Harder and Scientists Don’t Know Why

People With Complete Paralysis Walk Again After Nerve Stimulation Breakthrough

Fintech startup creates app to help gig workers manager their money

Mexicans’ rallies to “defend” the National Electoral Institute planned nationwide for Nov 13

This Guatemalan Village Is Becoming a Work of Art

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