November 11, 2022

In these days after the midterm elections, pundits are busily backtracking many of their predictions on voters’ behaviors, especially Latinos. Whether it was to shoot an arrow of fear into Dems or deliver false hope to the GOP, Latino shift to the GOP didn’t materialize as predicted; So, why did a Trump-appointed federal judge just ruin the hopes of those with staggering student debt?; A disturbing analysis of Twitter content is causing Latina Lista and others to reevaluate the value of the platform in sharing our perspectives with followers; Psychologists say they know the difference between songs we can’t get out of our heads and songs that are forgettable; Did tech create an app that makes girls feel better about their bodies?; and a Latina entrepreneur wants to disrupt ride-hailing services with an idea that was so obvious. Go behind the headlines…

Midterm results dispel Hispanic rightward shift

Federal judge strikes down Biden’s student debt relief program

Hispanics could make more historic gains in U.S. House

How economists know whether inflation is getting better

Report: Tweets with racial slurs soar since Musk takeover

Latina entrepreneur creates all-electric ride-hailing app

Archaeologists Forced to Rebury Unusual Discovery in Old Aztec Capital

Psychologists reveal the secrets behind song popularity

Crystals Generate Electricity From Heat

As Disney Introduces Plus-Size Ballerina, This App Says Fashion Tech Is A Path To Body Confidence

Aztec artificial farm islands still provide food for Mexico City seven centuries later

Extreme Weather Push People to the Edge of Poverty in Central America

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