November 11, 2020

It’s a shame on this Veteran’s Day that we have a president acting so cowardly and dishonorably by continuing to cry he was cheated out of the election, when it’s becoming clearer the majority of Americans voted against him on purpose. This may be the longest, metaphorically speaking, lame duck session the country has ever seen in a transition to a new president. The country is witnessing firsthand the lengths White House staff and GOP congressionals have had to endure to placate a president who truly is mentally unstable. The fact that none are brave enough to burst his delusional bubble shows that for these legislators politics is all about party loyalty and nothing about public service to their constituents or the nation. Disgusting. Shameful. Time for radical change in our political system. Time for GOP to become every bit a part of history as Trump will soon be. Go beyond the headlines…

GI Bill opened doors to college for many vets, but politicians created a separate one for Blacks

New Memorial Recognizes Generations Of Military Service By Native American Veterans

Preliminary data suggests Latina voter turnout surged in key battleground states

Experts say historically, most COVID-19 ICU patients are Hispanic

People of color are more likely to live without indoor plumbing even in the richest US cities, study says

Report sounds an alarm on ongoing decline of US coral reefs

The world’s largest iceberg is on a collision course with an Antarctic penguin refuge

New app allows users to explore how global warming changes their cities’ climate

Cartels issue threat against governor of San Luis Potosí

Bolivia’s Morales Insists He Was Ousted due to Lithium Reserves

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