November 15, 2022

With 8 billion people on the planet now, action on climate change is imperative. Some say there’s progress being made at the COP27 Summit, but how much?; New analysis of who’s driving illegal border crossings at the US-Mexican border surprises many; Millions turned out across Mexico on Sunday to protest yet another push by AMLO to make Mexico less democratic. Of course, AMLO had his own take on the turnout; For the first time in over a century, there will be more of these politicians; What is ‘no kill’ meat?; and World Cup mania inspired one Venezuelan boy to do something no one has done before. Go beyond the headlines…

4 signs of progress at the UN climate change summit

Cubans, Nicaraguans drive illegal border crossings higher

Mexican president: Pro-democracy protests a ‘political striptease’

As layoffs and recession fears mount, will employers suspend their 401(k) match?

Congress Will Have The Most Black Republicans In Over A Century

From science fiction to reality, ‘no kill’ meat may be coming soon

Can compounds in Green Tea and wine slow Alzheimer’s?

Smart windows could provide a green alternative to wifi

China circles El Salvador’s economy as country edges toward crypto plunge

Venezuelan boy translates World Cup sticker album into braille

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