November 14, 2022

We are 8 billion now on the planet. How much more can Earth hold?; A fuller analysis done on voters of color reveals why pollsters/pundits were wrong again; So, what is FTX and why should we care?; Archeologists in Spain made a ‘puzzling’ discovery; Poor honey bees, and we thought our mortality rate was in jeopardy; and Thousands upon thousands of Mexicans took to the streets in Mexico City and throughout the country over the weekend to protest their ‘Trumpist’ president’s electoral reform plan. Go beyond the headlines…

The human race at 8 billion

Voters of color did move to the right — just not at the rates predicted

Zelensky says 400 war crimes already documented in Kherson

Biden meets Xi amid heightened China-U.S. tensions

EXPLAINER: What’s happening at bankrupt crypto exchange FTX?

‘Puzzling’ archeological find in Spain uncovers objects with Egyptian motifs

Honey bee life spans are 50% shorter today than they were 50 years ago

There’s an app that is helping people transform their backyards into dog parks

Tens of thousands protest Mexican president’s electoral reform plan

Think inflation is bad in the US? Try 100% in Argentina

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