November 16, 2023

It’s been an open secret that the condition of a public school depended on the neighborhood. Affluent neighborhoods housed public schools that wanted for nothing. In other words, they were fully equipped to educate the ‘whole’ child. Not the case in dominant black and Latino neighborhoods. Now we discover that inequity extended to the curriculum and staff; Israel just made a necessary concession; Who bears the daily brunt of financial stress? The answer shouldn’t surprise anyone; The government has admitted that UFOs/UAPs exist. Mountains of video and photos show there are crafts flying in our airspace that are beyond our physics. Yet, we’re no closer to a serious answer. Why?; One of the nation’s most favorite pastimes is at an all-time low; and Being a realtor has its risks. Aside from angry buyers frustrated at trying to buy a home, there’s that risk of a scammer trying to defraud the agent and the seller. Now, there’s an app that puts a stop to that. Go beyond the headlines…

Black and Latino students lack access to certified teachers and advanced classes, data shows

Israel agreeable to international control of Gaza Strip

This Massachusetts police practice skews racial profiling stats

Women bear the brunt of financial stress in the US economy, study says

We Have a UFO Problem. What We Don’t Have (Yet) is a Serious Answer.

Walking has plummeted across America

Geologists Reveal That Surface Water Is Transforming Earth’s Outer Core

New app helps realtors catch people posing as property owners

Mexico “rejects” Texas’ proposal to allow state police to deport undocumented immigrants

In Cuba, migration is for the dogs, too

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