November 17, 2023

Aliens passing the planet in their spaceship would probably think that our planet is on the verge of imploding. Who could blame them? Bombs and missiles going off from Ukraine to Israel to the African continent. Volcanoes spewing throughout the world. In fact, scientists are recording that there are nearly 50 volcanoes erupting right now — at the same time; Ever wonder what an earthquake sounds like? There’s a recording for that; Why all this seismic activity? Maybe Mother Earth is upset with us all. For example, a new study finds that while Corporations espouse a ‘net zero’ strategy their lobbying efforts speak otherwise; and Read any good books lately? Before 2023 leaves us, check out the list of the 100 must-read books of this year. Go beyond the headlines…

Many corporations promote ‘net zero’ while lobbying for weaker climate action: Report

Thousands of Ukrainian children taken to Belarus – Yale research

Fewer U.S. college students are studying a foreign language − and that spells trouble for national security

How to talk to older people in your life about scams

The 100 must-read books of 2023

Nearly 50 Volcanos Are Erupting at the Same Time

Listen To Iceland’s Recent Seismic Activity

Saturn Is a New App for High Schoolers. Here’s Why It Has Educators Concerned

Mexico’s Grand Canal Plan Riles Activists and Crime Rings

A floating village is stranded on a dry lakebed as extreme drought grips the Amazon

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