November 2, 2020

It may be one more day till the future of our democracy is decided but on this Día de los Muertos, too many families are contemplating their futures without loved ones; Our right to vote doesn’t stop with registration. Know your rights at the polls; So, who’s ahead in the presidential election among Latinos? New polls gives a glimpse; and What did a Mexican governor just do that got him into trouble with his government but delighted Biden supporters? Go beyond the headlines…

On Día de los Muertos, Latino families honor relatives who died from Covid-19

You have rights when you go to vote – and many people are there to help if there’s trouble at the polls

Biden leads Trump by 2-1 margin with Latino voters: poll

Scoop: Trump’s plan to declare premature victory

Trump Can Still Win, But The Polls Would Have To Be Off By Way More Than In 2016

In Michigan, Undocumented Immigrants Form Learning Pod So They Won’t Lose Their Jobs

Space station marking 20 years of people living in orbit

New App Could Detect COVID-19 By Listening To Coughs

Feds reprimand governor for urging Mexicans in US to vote against Trump

Nicaragua approves ‘cybercrimes’ law, alarming rights groups

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