October 30, 2020

With only a few days left until the election, reports of record voter turnout continues. There’s no denying that Trump is the driving force behind voter motivation. Many don’t believe that, if re-elected, Trump would abide by the 4-year rule. Given his narcissism and greed and unquenchable thirst for power, Trump would further dismantle our democracy to serve his authoritarian goals. We have only to see what he has done so far and the plans he has if he should win the election. Under his direction, Trump has not only separated children from their parents without any regard to their trauma but now we find that he instructed border officials to lie to asylum seekers; And his immigration advisor just revealed even harsher crackdowns in immigration policy under a second-term; he’s rolled back our environmental safeguards; and Directs hospitals to hide the real death counts from COVID. Go beyond the headlines…

The myth of the Cuban American monolith

Young Latinx voters could be the ones who finally flip Arizona

Trump adviser Stephen Miller reveals aggressive second-term immigration agenda

Biden proposes task force to reunite migrant families on day one of presidency in new ad

US Border Officials Told Asylum-Seekers They Didn’t Have Space, Regardless Of Whether They Actually Did, Inspector Finds

Racing hall of fame exhibit explores Latinos in horse racing

How ‘strategic’ bias keeps Americans from voting for women and candidates of color

Internal Documents Reveal COVID-19 Hospitalization Data The Government Keeps Hidden

LinkedIn’s new tool helps users make a career change through overlapping skills

Rare full moon on Halloween will be seen across the US for the first time in 76 years

Losing Ground in Biodiversity Hotspots Worldwide

MyH.E.A.L.T.H. app—once only available to military—hits civilian app stores in 2021

Women the ‘driving force’ for peacebuilding in Colombia: Deputy UN chief

Nicaragua to impose jail time for spreading what government deems ‘false news’

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