November 3, 2020

Today is a pivotal day in the history of the United States, if either man is proclaimed winner of the presidency. At this point, there’s no sense in speculating the future before we know the winner but one credible pollster reveals just what can happen; In the meantime, Trump thinks US history focuses too much on our slavery past and has created the “1776 Commission” to teach “patriotic education;” And while everyone is focused on the historic significance of the presidential election, Latino candidates have a chance to make history themselves. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden’s Favored In Our Final Presidential Forecast, But It’s A Fine Line Between A Landslide And A Nail-Biter

Election could add Latinos to U.S. Senate, Congress, state houses

Trump creates 1776 Commission to promote ‘patriotic education’

Immigration is no longer a winning issue for Trump

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Rule Designed To Impede Immigrants Seeking Green Cards

Cuban Asylum-Seekers Stranded At The US–Mexico Border Are Drumming Up Support For Biden

Americans threaten to flee if Trump wins again. Here’s what life abroad is really like for ex-pats

Feeling disoriented by the election, pandemic and everything else? It’s called ‘zozobra,’ and Mexican philosophers have some advice

Self-watering soil could transform farming

Consequences of Glacier Shrinkage

What does the 2020 presidential election mean for space exploration?

New app helps control migraines

Nation by nation, the world watches Election Day in the US

How long will 7 million starve before hell breaks loose in Colombia?

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