November 21, 2023

Currently, the GOP is on a high. Their frontrunner, Trump, is leading in the polls against Biden. Funny, how short-term are the memories of the GOP, especially the MAGA faction. They seem to have forgotten that a Republican push against abortion rights isn’t just unpopular, it’s a tipping point for Independents and Moderate Republicans — especially women. They should heed the latest survey on abortion rights that show just how delusional their hopes for 2024 really are; There’s probably nothing more iconic in Italy than the Mafia. Sure, there’s the relics of Ancient Rome, the vineyards, the food and the picturesque coastal villages but the “romanticized’ Mafia is what has captivated many of us. Finally, the Italian government got serious about the crime committed by this cartel group and sentenced 200 Mafia members to an unprecedented amount of time; No joke, renting alone is too expensive for one group; Ever get headaches from drinking red wine? Scientists now know why; and With Thanksgiving a couple days away, we’re all bound to throw out some leftovers. But if you’re curious to see just how much food you actually throw out, there’s an app for that. Go beyond the headlines…

Near-record 55 percent support abortion rights: Survey

Italy mafia trial: 200 sentenced to 2,200 years for mob links

Appeals court strikes down key tool used to enforce Voting Rights Act

Renting alone is too expensive for Gen Z

Thanksgiving stories gloss over the history of US settlement on Native lands

Why red wine can give you a headache

One Stage of Sleep Seems to Be Critical For Reducing The Risk of Dementia

Throwing out too many leftovers? McLean company has an app for that

China warns Argentina severing ties would be ‘serious mistake’

Will cashless credits sow the seeds of success for Mexican farmers?

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