November 23, 2023

Today is more than just a day for getting together with family and gathering around the table to share a meal. It’s a day to reflect — on the state of the world, our own history as a nation and how we’ve evolved. To underscore this reflection, I’ve included several headlines that offer perspective on how different our states have evolved in their own rights, and not all adhering to our Founding Fathers’ vision; Believe it or not, there are some economic trends we should be thankful for; Did you know that Thanksgiving food actually reveals a lot about our country?; and It may be Thanksgiving but tomorrow is Black Friday and many of us will either brave the stores or curl up on the couch with our smart devices and go shopping. Yet, in a year where money is tight, the thought of wasting our money on gifts that are not appreciated can make a lot of us dread this gift-giving season. Luckily, there’s an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

New Hampshire ranked smartest state in the nation, study finds

Far-right leader Geert Wilders wins most votes in Dutch election

Texas Has the Fewest Personal Freedoms

Cheaper gas and thriving labor: 5 economic trends we’re grateful for

How 2023 scorched our dinner plates

Earth receives laser-beam message from 10 million miles away in new NASA experiment

Thanksgiving food reveals a lot about the country

Download for the holidays: New app aims to help gift givers and receivers make a better connection

Brazil records its hottest ever temperature

Peru glaciers decimated by climate change – report

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