November 24, 2023

On this Black Friday, while many are sleeping late because, well, a lot of us did our “Black Friday” shopping several weeks ago, we are actually waiting for Cyber Monday. Unfortunately, there are scams aplenty just waiting for us. Check out this informative article about which ‘bargains’ are really too good to be true; Did you know airlines lose 2 million suitcases a year? Guess where they all go; One thing we noticed this Thanksgiving week was there are thousands, if not millions, of people across the country who lined up early, not for bargain buys, but for food give-aways. Food banks everywhere are reporting that demand has skyrocketed but donations are dwindling; and Another study illustrates why we all should be drinking coffee. Go beyond the headlines…

Pollution From U.S. Coal Power Killed 460,000 People in Two Decades — Study

‘Heaven’s door:’ Headphones, children’s toys, and more prepared for released hostages

Food bank demand high but donations fall

The Black Friday, Cyber Monday scams to avoid this year

U.S. airlines lose 2 million suitcases a year. Where do they all go?

A sign from above? ‘Unprecedented’ cosmic ray sent from a mysterious ‘invisible corridor’ in deep space has struck Utah

Brewing Smarter: Scientists Discover a Secret Brain Booster in Coffee

This High-Tech Shirt Helps Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Patrons Feel Music

Brazil emissions progress erased under former President Bolsonaro: report

Nicaragua’s Miss Universe title win exposes deep political divide in the Central American country

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