October 12, 2020

A new week, new expectations – make that low expectations – of more chaos, distortions and misrepresentations coming from our once most-esteemed office in the nation, and the world for that matter. ‘Once’ is the operative word. We start this week with the Trump campaign co-opting a sound byte by Dr. Fauci and passing it off as showing support for Trump’s handling of the coronavirus. Dr. Fauci has been quick to cry ‘foul’ but that makes no difference to Trump campaign. Just like these other stories don’t fit Trump’s sale of his reality either: An appeals court just blocked this ‘cornerstone’ of Trump’s many promises; The recent winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is sounding the alarm of this growing global crisis; Latino parents being forced to have these kinds of talks with our children; and Local news found to have glaring omission when reporting on these kinds of stories. Go beyond the headlines…

Leader of Nobel Peace Prize-winning World Food Programme on global starvation crisis

Appeals court blocks further construction on Trump border wall

Salvadoran Immigrant Illegally Detained after Winning His Immigration Case Twice

Latino, Evangelical and Politically Homeless

‘The Talk’: Latino parents address what to do when stopped by police

The Rate Of Uninsured Children Is Creeping Up Across Colorado And The US, And Hispanic Kids Are Even Less Likely To Be Insured

Local news covers murder victims from white places more

Coordinated Efforts On Twitter To Interfere In US Elections Are Foreign-Based

Nearly Half of South America’s Mammals Came from North America, New Research May Explain Why

Femicides spark outrage across Guatemala

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