October 9, 2020

The morning after Trump went on his latest tirade, that Bill Barr and the DOJ should arrest Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the Nobel Prize committee announces the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Though Trump, his family and three random international supporters(?) were pushing hard that Trump receive it for his involvement of the Israeli-UAE agreement, the award, announced this morning, went to a much more deserving entity. (Like there would be any doubt!); A year before Trump’s immigration policy separated children from their parents, officials released a report that children under 12 wouldn’t be able to find their parents on their own, and yet this administration proceeded full steam ahead; Buzzfeed created a list of the 28 top Latinx bookstagrammers; and New start-up creates a new and needed service for Latinos. Go beyond the headlines…

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To World Food Programme

Trump administration sues Yale over use of race in admissions

Militia group plan to kidnap Whitmer was part of attempt to start civil war: officials

Officials said in 2017 that separated migrants under 12 couldn’t find parents again on their own

Start-up Launching New Mobile Bank For Latinos

Axios Exclusive: Tech coalition opposes Trump anti-racism training ban

28 Latinx Bookstagrammers You Should Be Following For A+ Recommendations

Coronavirus can survive on skin for 9 hours

New app will help people with serious mental illness develop a crisis plan

Argentina becomes first country to approve genetically modified wheat

Man takes 300 dogs into his home to protect them from hurricane battering Quintana Roo, Mexico

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