October 14, 2022

If you’re a low-earner, and let’s face it, the majority of us feel that way in these inflationary times, but if you do fit the IRS’ definition then you could be eligible for a ‘bonus’ and the IRS wants you to call; I have to admit, the Jan. 6 committee announcing the subpoena for Trump, didn’t do anything on my excitement meter. The guy, who’s notorious for stalling, deflecting and filing frivolous appeals, will probably never show his face before the committee but there’s a reason for this pipe dream; Coal is dead, except for those who refuse to see the link between mining it and worsening climate change. Yet, a new report shows just how hard it is for some to let go; A lot of things may have been withheld from history but one thing that can’t be ‘unremembered’ is that Native Americans predate everyone else. Now, a cool new interactive map shows us which indigenous group owned the land we call home; and Researchers discovered that if you’re Latino or Black and plan to vote in the mid-terms, you might want to bring a lawn chair. Go beyond the headlines…

IRS warning millions of low earners they’re missing out on Covid-era payments

The January 6 committee’s Trump subpoena might not succeed — but here’s what might

As the causes of US inflation grow, so do the dangers

It’s taking more time to cast a ballot in US elections – and even longer for Black and Hispanic voters

‘Reckless’ Coal Companies Moving Forward with New Mines and Plants, Report Finds

Interactive Map Shows Which Indigenous Lands You Live On

First-of-Its-Kind Study Confirms Daily Steps Lower Chronic Disease Risk

Webtoon launches Yonder, a new serialized fiction app

‘Mexican caviar,’ a pre-Hispanic delicacy in danger of disappearing

The natural resource hidden in Bolivia’s salt flats

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