October 17, 2022

Early voting for the midterm elections has begun! To say this is a midterm election unlike others is an understatement. It’s NOT just about the economy but abortion rights, voter access, and literally, the direction of the country. Who will save our democracy? Power-seeking politicians who see their roles as career positions and less as public servants? Activists who are laser focused on only one issue to the detriment of all others? The solution lies within each of us; Putin has found an effective weapon to hit Ukraine and he’s relishing using it; The Hispanic Caucus uses a Spanish-language series to tackle disinformation about Jan. 6. Is it working?; Ever wondered how climate change deniers gained such a strong foothold in politics and the national psyche? We now know; A new study discovers the ‘public’ understanding of racial inequalities, and it boils down to two things; and What does an American billionaire, Argentina, Uruguay and a river have in common? Go beyond the headlines…

Most say voting vital despite dour US outlook: AP-NORC poll

Kyiv hit by multiple blasts as Ukraine reports “kamikaze” drone strikes

Hispanic Caucus disinformation series ‘Ya Tu Sabes’ tackles Jan. 6

How Koch Industries, Fake Scientists, and Rush Limbaugh Invented Climate Denial

After pandemic dip, sexual violence on college campuses back on rise

This Unusual Asteroid Keeps Spinning Faster, And We Don’t Know Why

New study investigates how beliefs and political affiliations shape the public’s understanding about racial inequalities

For stomach pain and other IBS symptoms, new apps can bring relief

Mexico was most popular destination in 2021 for US citizens moving abroad

Plan for first binational Conservationist Park underway in Uruguay River

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