October 15, 2020

This morning, I read an article in the Tampa Bay Times about a 19-year-old, the eldest US-born daughter of undocumented Mexican/Brazilian parents, who will be voting for the first time. She plans to vote for Trump because she believes the economy is doing well under him. Yet, she admits, “Not everything has been satisfactory. There are many difficulties and problems for immigrants. But politics is like that — sometimes, it’s not fair.” True, politics is not fair but this election goes beyond politics. Obviously, this young Latina isn’t educating herself as to how Trump’s racial innuendos, that he preaches at his rallies, affect her and marginalized groups. For lack of space, the bottom line is Trump is pitting people considered ‘other’ as threats to white America. A nation under a president like that will never be equal, just or peaceful. As examples: the Human Rights Campaign documents an ‘epidemic of violence’ against transgenders; and a New study reveals 5.2 million Americans denied right to vote because of felony conviction. There’s alarming news from environmental scientists, and perhaps the most positive story today, the US just entered into a new age in space exploration. Go beyond the headlines…

Border encounters return to traditional levels after spike in 2019

Nearly 5.2 Million Americans Can’t Vote In The 2020 Election Due To A Felony Conviction

His Private Border Wall Enraged Neighbors. Then He Landed $2B To Build Walls For Trump

An ‘epidemic of violence’: Human Rights Campaign (HRC) counts record number of violent transgender deaths in 2020

Doing this one thing helps community college students transfer to a 4-year university

Recent Atlantic ocean warming unprecedented in nearly 3,000 years

Seven nations and the U.S. sign the Artemis Accords in promising peaceful exploration of deep space

Bicycle wheel uses movement to purify air

New film trailer touches a nerve as Mexico grapples with race and class

Proposal from Chile to award Cuban Doctors with 2021 Nobel Peace Prize accepted

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