October 16, 2020

The importance of today’s lead-in headline, “Trump administration rejects California’s disaster assistance request for wildfires,” is understated if you don’t know the context. In simplistic terms, after the horrendous damage suffered by the state with out-of-control fires, it’s all about this administration punishing a Democrat-governor state. You don’t need me to tell you that a President is supposed to be a ‘national’ leader. Yet repeatedly, Trump proves to only serve a faction of the country. To the detriment of the country, it’s the most “deplorable” of Americans. One federal judge rebukes her colleagues in unprecedented accusation; Biden campaign is busy creating his own Cabinet in case of a win, and it has people buzzing; and Gloria Estefan shares personal family story that sparks surprise. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump administration rejects California’s disaster assistance request for wildfires

A Federal Judge Accused Other Judges Across The Country Of A “Systematic Effort” To Suppress Votes

Political bias in media doesn’t threaten democracy — other, less visible biases do

The quest to build the most diverse Cabinet in US history, explained

(Virtual) Conference Aims At Closing Gaps For Latinos In The Tech World

Why Latino history is American history

Gloria Estefan talks about supporting her daughter Emily before she came out

Blue-light glasses improve your sleep and work

New App Thinks It Can Detoxify The News

With muralism, Mexico’s rich tradition of public art extends well beyond its borders

‘There’s no employment’: Central Americans’ economic pain deepens

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