October 14, 2020

The BBC reports that the “world” is amazed at seeing Americans stand in long lines to vote. Not that we are voting, but that in a country touted as being the most advanced and democratic, this is the best we can do. And as one college report finds, just as Hispanic Heritage Month ends, Latino voting begins; New report finds American schools gifted education programs have a big race problem; Did US officials poison the Navajo Nation?; and If there’s one group who know firsthand climate change is real, it’s a group the Trump administration is trying to silence. Go beyond the headlines…

Voting begins as Hispanic Heritage Month ends; Latinos are flexing their political muscle

US agents in Guatemala detained Honduran migrants in unauthorized operation: Senate report

America’s gifted education programs have a race problem. Can it be fixed?

Minority-led small businesses turn to digital tools because of lack of funding

The biggest radioactive spill in US history never ended: How the US poisoned Navajo Nation

Popularity of COVID-19 conspiracies and links to vaccine ‘hesitancy’ revealed by international study

Tighter Border Policies Leave Migrants Vulnerable to Effects of Climate Change

Amazon launches an AR app that works with new QR codes on its boxes

Mexico is poised to become the biggest legal marijuana market in the world. Who will most benefit?

Peru opens Machu Picchu for single tourist stranded by Covid

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