October 18, 2022

It appears the Biden admin is taking immigration policy back to the restrictive Trump era in resurrecting Title 42. Poor Venezuelans who only want to escape a country that has spiraled out of control; Another country that may actually be in worse shape than Venezuela is Haiti. In fact, the situation on the ground is so bad that the US is joining the call for intervention; So, some voters actually voted for people, who stormed the Capitol to overthrow our government, and helped them win House seats? Which social media platform does a better job of rooting out election disinformation? Experts weigh in; and A Cancer vaccine in 8 years? For all of us who knew, loved and lost someone to cancer, it’s long overdue. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden embraces Trump’s Title 42, blocking asylum requests, with expansion to Venezuela

Zelenskyy: Russia has destroyed 30 percent of Ukraine’s power stations

Congress braces for new members who were at Capitol on Jan. 6

Trump Admin Tried to Shelve Findings That Discredited COVID Drugs That Didn’t Work: Report

Experts grade Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube on readiness to handle midterm election misinformation

Cancer Vaccine Possible By 2030, BioNTech Co-Founders Say

Scientists Call For The Ocean to Be Recognized as a Living Being With Inherent Rights

Want to tip for your Amazon delivery? Drivr is a new app for that

Small town in southern Mexico hosts thousands of migrants

US and Mexico call for international force to break gangs’ stranglehold on Haiti

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