October 19, 2022

For those who think any one political party can change the course of inflation, that is now a global phenomenon, then I have an island off the coast of Florida that I can sell you for $5! Nope, political parties don’t have the power to change the winds on this economic vise tightening our wallets. However, there is one government entity that has the power to ease our pain and we may see it when we file our taxes; The GOP is already plotting their legal transfer of power in Congress by declaring their #1 act will be something that won’t please our European allies or Ukraine; Space has always drawn curiosity and awe of people throughout the ages. Now, a Medieval Codex reveals the extent of our wonder; and Mexican officials are serious with their warning issued to World Cup fans. Go beyond the headlines…

The IRS is increasing the standard deductions for 2023 as inflation intensifies

McCarthy: No ‘blank check’ for Ukraine if GOP wins majority

Health insurance prices set for takeoff

GOP candidate and immigration hardliner had a grandmother who faced deportation

Biden designates Texas ‘Mexican school’ as national park

Oldest Map of The Night Sky Appears Hidden Within Medieval Codex

Scientists Developed a Musical Video Game To Improve Memory

New VR app lets you step inside your smartphone videos

Group of over 100 migrants stranded by human smugglers on island by Puerto Rico

Mexico’s World Cup fans told to leave tequila at home

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