October 20, 2022

Recent rulings under the current Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) struck many across the nation, and around the world, as based more on political ideology rather than the US Constitution or what’s best for the country. As a result, conservative state legislatures are taking their cue from SCOTUS to pass partisan and restrictive bills. Case in point: gun laws. The right to bear arms, as ruled by SCOTUS, has made schools, stores, public outings less safe. As a result, Texas educators are preparing for the inevitable making families in the state dread the future; Are we really surprised to discover that a certain former US president lied on a court document?; Polls keep iterating how Latino voters should worry Dems. Yet, if Latinos voters, and all voters, stupid enough to think the GOP would honor Latino interests, let alone pass legislation that benefited more than just their angry, fearful base, then we only need to look at history to see the outcome; Stress is high for veterans and first responders and now there’s an app to help; and US-Mexico border officials found a surprising new ingredient in tamales. Go beyond the headlines…

Gun control laws fall at dizzying pace after Supreme Court ruling

Ukrainians told to ‘charge everything’ as power grid hit by Russia

Axios-Ipsos Latino poll: Warning signs for Dems

Judge: Trump signed court document that knowingly included false voter fraud stats

After Uvalde, Texas Public Schools Send Home DNA Kits For Kids

Poor, less white US neighborhoods get worst internet deals

Prototype device allows users to listen to music through the sense of touch

New app helps veterans and first responders deal with the stresses of the job

Fentanyl-stuffed tamales intercepted at Mexico-U.S. border

Mennonites lead fragmented deforestation in Peru’s Amazon -report

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