October 20, 2020

Just how important is this presidential election? The morning after Trump called Dr. Fauci a “disaster,” and all the other infectious disease experts “idiots,” for the first time in history, two things happened simultaneously: USA Today and a former RNC Chairman publicly endorsed Joe Biden. Those are significant because it underscores that THIS election is not about party loyalty or party ideology. It’s about choosing the man who truly puts country above all else — and Donald Trump is not that person. If he were, then there wouldn’t be the need for VoteSafe, a bipartisan campaign spending 1.7 million on a campaign to ensure Americans that the election process is safe and secure. If Trump was the right person, then Dr. Fauci wouldn’t need round-the-clock protection from “deplorables” who take their cue from Trump. Yet, even though many people are now seeing through the facade Trump has weaved around himself, Trump is gaining ground within two groups who should know better; A new study finds definitive evidence about sanctuary cities; and If all this wasn’t enough bad news, now we find Latino parents have to be even more vigilant when it comes to these shows targeting our children. Go beyond the headlines…

Hispanics were the only ethnic group to see COVID-19 death rates increase this summer

USA Today Editorial Board: Elect Joe Biden. Reject Donald Trump.

Trump Is Losing Ground With White Voters But Gaining Among Black And Hispanic Americans

Study: Sanctuary policies protect immigrants but don’t threaten public safety

Family’s battle with COVID-19 shows why illness is spreading faster among Latinos

Study finds STEM TV for kids leaves out women, Latinx characters

Boxer Teófimo López has become the youngest four-belt champion in history

The new app that tells you when your electricity is greenest

Socialists win Bolivia election one year after controversial Morales ouster

Water War on the U.S.-Mexico Border Has Just Begun

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