October 19, 2020

Trump’s rallies wouldn’t be so offensive if he didn’t blatantly lie to his followers. For example, saying he was going to preserve pre-existing conditions when he’s trying to abolish everything about the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, or trying to take away food benefits from 700,000 unemployed people. Thankfully, for the latter, a judge issued a ruling Sunday blocking Trump’s intent to starve people. We can only hope that the Supreme Court is endowed with as much compassion when they rule on Obamacare; Yet, while Trump continues to encourage his followers to not follow the guidelines for COVID-19, many Latino supporters among them, the fact remains more Latinos are dying from COVID than there should be; While Puerto Rico’s governor endorsed Trump, the island’s leading newspaper took a different tack; and A new discovery in Peru’s Nazca lines area has everyone grinning like a ‘cat.’ Go beyond the headlines…

CDC: Blacks, Hispanics dying of COVID-19 at disproportionately high rates

Latino voters have growing confidence in Biden on key issues, while confidence in Trump remains low

Judge blocks Trump administration plan to cut food stamps to unemployed Americans

Puerto Rico’s Leading Newspaper Just Backed Biden in Historic Endorsement

Native Americans Could Help Swing Arizona—But Many Struggle to Cast Their Ballot

Hispanics live longer than most Americans, but will the US obesity epidemic change things?

Groundbreaking discovery finally proves rain really can move mountains

NOAA Predicts Droughts Gripping Nearly Half of Continental U.S. Will Intensify This Winter

New app helps determine risk of COVID-19 infection

Huge cat found etched into desert among Nazca Lines in Peru

Mexican Artist Reinvents Painting Shoes for Day of the Dead

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