October 21, 2022

A full-page ad in yesterday’s newspapers, signed by over 30 different major companies, implored Congress not to do something that the GOP and extremists have been salivating about doing since the inception of the program under the Obama administration. The Fortune 500 CEOs warn if it happens, it’s bad news for the US economy; Russia continues its onslaught on Ukraine and now Putin is turning his agenda of eradication towards another vulnerable populace; Scientists just accomplished a world-first project under the ocean; and A new social media platform promoting ‘niceness.’ Go beyond the headlines…

Major companies warn congressional leaders ending DACA would hurt economy

Russia proposes law to expel foreigners who push ‘LGBTQ+ propaganda’

CDC advisers recommend adding Covid shots to routine immunization schedules for kids, adults

The Midwest is America’s least trusting region

Latino employment high but outlook could be shaky

Scientists Track Eels to Their Ocean Breeding Grounds in World-First

Genetic sequencing gives us the first-ever look at a Neanderthal clan

New app encourages users to be nice, streamlined Facebook Page features and more

Chile announces new ‘flowering desert’ national park

Two talented Jalisco artisans transform rocks and reeds into art

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