October 24, 2022

As early voting gets into full swing across the nation, decisions are easy for some and confusing for others. If we vote a straight Democratic ticket — though some GOP-controlled state legislatures did away with straight-ticket ballots hoping Dem voters would mistakenly vote for a GOP candidate — we are assured of politicians in office who aren’t in favor of revoking women’s right to choose, do want to treat migrants in a more humane manner and work towards a viable solution, won’t plan on cutting Social Security or rolling back the passage of the bill that allows Medicare to negotiate their own drug prices and passing the savings onto us, attack librarians and favor censoring books, pulling back aid from Ukraine, alter voting results because they don’t like the results or…The reasons, at this point in time, are endless as to why a GOP ticket is bad news for us and for our children. Yet, I know that those who don’t agree with me think just as strongly that ‘their side’ will save the country. Let’s hope the rational outnumber the deluded at the polls. Although the DOJ is already investigating reports of voter intimidation at the polls; It seems the Constitution is clearer about race than the Supreme Court knew; New study finds ERs are seeing more visits by women for one thing, and it’s increased more than tenfold; Greenpeace study found a major myth is ‘recycling’ around the world and we’ve all been duped; and A new app hopes to help schools screen kids for a growing problem. Go beyond the headlines…

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