October 22, 2020

Whether we’re living it or reading about it, the reality of the inequities in our society, highlighted by the pandemic, are getting worse and Latino farmworkers are among the frontline workers who know firsthand how deadly racism can be; Also, a person’s career path is found to depend on the color of their skin; But there is hope, according to social scientists; Part of that hope lies with the next generation; and Archeologists discover what ancient Incans buried provide greater understanding of their rituals. Go beyond the headlines…

Worked to death: Latino farmworkers have long been denied basic rights. COVID-19 showed how deadly racism could be.

Closing Latino Labor Market Gap Requires Targeted Policies To End Discrimination

These 8 Latino Democratic candidates could be historic firsts in Congress

Beautiful Photo Project Reveals Ideas About The American Dream

Analysis: Racial inequity in who takes career, tech courses

Poll: Young Americans think democracy is “broken,” but intend to vote in record numbers

Hospital Bills For Uninsured COVID-19 Patients Are Covered, But No One Tells Them

The Finance App for Teens That TikTok’s Biggest Star Is Promoting

Sacrificial llamas found buried in Peru shed light on Incan rituals

Cuba’s Government Targets Social Media Influencers

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