October 25, 2022

Another school shooting. More deaths. More students traumatized. More anger at lax gun access. Again, the right of an older teen with mental health issues (as reported) trumps the rights of people who just want to live their daily lives without their lives at constant risk because guns are so easy to get and those who shouldn’t have them always seem to get them; Russia is planting a “false flag” trying to make the world believe Ukraine will use a ‘dirty bomb.’ However, though the world knows it’s a lie, Putin seems to think he can fool everyone; Some young people take pride in declaring themselves as ‘gamers.’ A new study shows why that’s not a compliment; Is there one Latino vote?; Archeologists discover the Bible may be more of a history book than previously believed; and Another ancient Mayan discovery in Mexico. Go beyond the headlines…

White House renews assault weapons ban call after St. Louis school shooting

What is a ‘dirty bomb’ and why is Russia saying Ukraine could use one?

US Border Patrol sends migrants places where no help waits

People Who Identify As ‘Gamers’ More Prone to Racist, Sexist Behavior: Study

There’s no one ‘Latino vote’ – religion and geography add to voters’ diversity

The last solar eclipse of the year happens today

Geomagnetic fields reveal the truth behind Biblical narratives

Student develops new journaling and mood-tracking app

Ancient Maya stela discovered in Uxmal

Colombia in “perfect storm” affirms JP Morgan

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