October 26, 2022

The Supreme Court is on track to make the nation more conservative, less inclusive and less equitable as another precedent case comes before the panel; Has Putin reached his limit?; Republicans love tax breaks for the wealthy but hate debt relief for average people; NASA just launched into a realm they used to routinely deny existed; Insects contribute to atmospheric electricity?; 5 apps to help with inflation costs and your budget; and Costa Rica just announced new conservation measures to help one of the oldest species in the sea. Go beyond the headlines…

Supreme Court may overturn race-based school admissions: Here’s what you need to know

Five Signs That Russia Is Preparing for All-Out War

Biden’s student debt cancellation program is in grave danger from a Republican judiciary

Slavery is on the ballot for voters in 5 US states

NASA’s Big UFO Study Has Officially Begun, With an A-Team of Scientists

Report: Fossil fuel addiction killing millions and worsening climate crisis

Insects Contribute To Atmospheric Electricity

Is inflation burning a hole in your budget? These 5 apps can help you earn cash back and save money

Scientists discover six new species of rain frog in Ecuador

Costa Rica Announces Measures for Shark Conservation

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