October 3, 2023

Covid is coming back with a vengeance, along with the flu and colds. Treating Covid, like we do the flu, with yearly booster shots should be a no-brainer. However, people are opting out of Covid booster shots and a new study finds out why; The violence in Haiti is overwhelming the small island nation and the UN is (finally) doing something about it; So, why is there a teacher’s shortage?; The Latino vote is a factor to reckon with but what’s the impact in the upcoming 2024 election?; A first for sea conservation is what scientists just accomplished with coral reefs; and There were 300 Native languages spoken in the Americas when Europeans arrived. Today, there’s only 167 left. There’s a technological race to preserve those that are left before it’s too late. Go beyond the headlines…

Study uncovers reasons Americans did not get booster vaccines

UN to send international police force to Haiti to combat rising gang violence

As new term begins, Supreme Court faces fallout from its rightward shift

This one chart explains the teacher shortage

How the growing Latino vote could factor in to 2024 election

Stonehenge study upends a 100-year-old theory and suggests further discoveries to come

Scientists Cryopreserve and Revive Coral Fragments in a World First for Conservation

New app aims to keep Indigenous language alive

From violence to virtuosos in Oaxaca

Curious Canine in Brazil Turns Out to Be a First-of-Its-Kind Hybrid

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