October 8, 2020

Another debate and another show of how much the Trump-Pence administration has little value for truth and honesty, respect for women, science or a commitment to a peaceful transition of power, among other issues. What this administration does value is doing as much damage as possible with the remainder of 2020. Such as: Trump admin wants Supreme Court to allow halt of census count; and Trump admin tells ICE to fast-track deportations. Needless to say, pockets of the nation are getting bolder in denouncing the depravity, cruelty and unethical behavior of this president and his administration. The latest is one of the most esteemed medical journals which did something unprecedented in its history; Finally, Fort Hood victims are coming forward to share their own assault stories; and Colombia is declaring unwarranted war on one group essential to democracy. Go beyond the headlines…

ICE Is Planning To Fast-Track Deportations Across The Country

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to allow it to halt census count

JPMorgan commits $30 billion to fight the racial wealth gap

Breaking the stigma: Research shows uptick in Hispanics, Latinos investing in real estate

‘Magnitude of this failure is astonishing’: Medical journal writes unprecedented editorial against Trump for COVID

Following disappearance and slaying this year of Spc. Vanessa Guillen, Fort Hood victims speak out

Don’t Be Fooled By Buzzwords: Here’s How To Eat Healthy On A BudgetLife Kit

Keeping food on the table when water is scarce is a balancing act. This new app will help.

San Miguel de Allende named world’s best small city

Colombia blocking journalist visas in ongoing assault on press freedom

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