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Peru turns to a higher source to protect its nature preserves

LatinaLista — Forget drones, Peru is looking to a higher source in helping officials monitor illegal activity among the 176 national, regional and private nature areas of the country.

The National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State (Sernanp) signed an agreement with the National Commission of Investigation and Aerospace Development of Peru (Conida, Spanish acronym) to protect Peru’s nature areas via satellite monitoring. 

On the lookout for illegal logging, deforestation and illegal mining, stallite data will serve as a first alert to authorities for illegal activities, including drug trafficking in the monitored areas.

As much as the satellite will be used to safeguard the protected nature areas, its function isn't limited to policing. The satellite will also be used to keep a check on forest resources and the environmental impact on water supplies, mining practices and crop growth. 

It's hoped that the satellite's continual monitoring will signal the call for action before any type of natural or manmade catastrophe gets to a point that causes real harm to Peru's environment or people.



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