September 12, 2023

Would renters benefit more from receiving cash versus vouchers for housing? Pretty sure that question has already been answered. Think “Covid Stimulus Checks.” People, overwhelmingly, who received checks added to their savings, paid off their bills and overall behaved responsibly with the unexpected cash windfall, courtesy of the government. To think they would blow it instead of using it for its intended purpose harbors an elite attitude towards the lower income. Maybe the federal government realized this since they’re embarking on a “bold” new experiment weighting vouchers with cash; What is the future of democracy in Israel? Like other democratic nations, Israel faces a big challenge with the current administration that wants to rule, it would seem indefinitely; Research shows more Mexican families are crossing the US border in unprecedented numbers. The big question is: Is it only cartel violence driving more families north?; What if there was an online tool that could root out online scams with one ‘sweep’? There is and it claims 100% success rate; and Everyone needs friends and for people with intellectual disabilities, there’s an app to help. Go beyond the headlines…

A bold new federal experiment in giving renters cash

Israel’s democracy is at a crossroads as its top court debates a law limiting its power. Here’s what to know

U.S. sets record for billion-dollar weather disasters in 1 year

Mexican families cross U.S. border in unprecedented numbers

FDA greenlights fall COVID boosters amid uptick in cases. Here’s who is eligible

‘Major’ Paleolithic Cave Art Site With Over 100 Paintings, Engravings Found

New tool skewers socially engineered attack ads

New app helps people with intellectual disabilities make friends, date, build community

In ‘macho’ Mexico, stage set for first female president

Colombia sets new coca cultivation record, UN report finds

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