September 13, 2022

The political ‘sleeping giant’ has always referred to the Latino vote as being the game-changer in elections. To say that Latinos have failed to live up to their potential in a consistent, meaningful way is an understatement. However, another demographic is supplanting the elusive Latino Voter Bloc and they’re showing that now they’ve (we’ve) found our platform, there’s no turning back; A recent poll reveals that Americans already have a dismal opinion of US healthcare system and opinion is set to go lower now that the one thing rising in demand, because of abusive legislation passed by white conservatives, could see pharmaceutical exploitation; In addition to a yearly vaccine to stave off COVID, doctors also say doing this twice a day can also help; and Two women of color create a new app that makes travel more interesting. Go beyond the headlines…

Your 2022 midterms cheat sheet

The rot runs deep in the Russian war machine. Ukraine is exposing it for all to see

Affordability questions linger around over-the-counter birth control

Domestic workers, long excluded from labor protections, call for codified rights

Stop using ‘Latinx’ if you really want to be inclusive

DRIED UP: In Utah, drying Great Salt Lake leads to air pollution

Twice-daily nasal irrigation reduces COVID-related illness, death

New app Culture Pilot, founded by 2 women of color, focuses on culture and history

Venezuelans on spiritual mountain retreat reported missing

Colombia lost more than 12,000 square miles of forest in past 20 years

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