September 13, 2023

Economists are predicting that inflation probably spiked this summer. That seems like a pretty “doh” statement, taking a page from “The Simpson’s” Homer. They cite the two costs that directly torpedo our budgets: food and energy. The fact that most people feel inflation every day is an understatement and explains the latest US Census report on poverty; Not to mention why election experts are issuing a particularly dire warning about 2024; If we think things are bad now CEOs are ‘essentially’ saying their workers should have a Plan B; NASA will finally unveil their report on UAPs or ‘Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena,’ but will they admit they exist or label them as more misidentified weather balloons? Go beyond the headlines…

Election experts warn American democracy is ‘under great stress’ ahead of 2024

Kim Jong Un meets Putin in Russia as missiles launch from North Korea

US poverty rate jumped in 2022, child poverty more than doubled: Census

More top CEOs expect to cut jobs

4 reasons why your car insurance premium is soaring

Researchers say chatbot exhibits self-awareness

NASA’s About to Unveil a Report on ‘Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena’: Watch Live

New app Moments helps you maintain your personal and professional relationships

Humpback whales draw visitors to Colombia’s coast

US-Mexico border is deadliest migrant land route: UN agency

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