September 14, 2022

If we didn’t think South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham couldn’t cross over to the dark side any deeper, he didn’t disappoint with his latest bill impacting women far beyond his state’s border; Even us most casual armchair foreign policy experts knew Putin would never pursue a peace deal in the Ukraine until he achieved his goals, which is domination over Ukraine. Now, we know just how right we were; Another Texas court threatens protections for Americans?; Scientists reveal a very good reason why to never elect a narcissistic president; and Maybe because it’s Nicaragua or Central America, whatever the reason, not enough people are paying attention to the fact that there is a silent exodus happening in the country. Go beyond the headlines…

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham introduces bill that would restrict abortions nationwide

Reuters Exclusive: As war began, Putin rejected a Ukraine peace deal recommended by aide

How a Texas court decision threatens Affordable Care Act protections

Inflation isn’t just about fuel costs anymore, as price increases broaden across the economy

Latinos are reclaiming the accent mark

Cracks Are Appearing in Earth’s Magnetic Field as the Equinox Approaches

US presidential narcissism linked to longer wars

New longevity app turns back the clock – Reboot Your Age

The Silent Exodus Of Priests In Nicaragua

Mycotourism Blooms in Mushroom-Rich Mexico

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