September 15, 2022

Is the end of the COVID pandemic near?; We’ve heard that Russian soldiers are now retreating from some parts of the Ukraine but a timelapse map shows just how much; Inflation is painful but, as in most things, there’s a silver lining in the pain; Who were the Latino Hollywood trailblazers and did their legacies create real change?; Wait, what did the founder of the Patagonia clothing company just do?; So, China announces a major crystal discovery on the Moon, with only recent exploration. Yet, the US has been visiting the Moon for far longer and all we brought back were rocks?!; Mexican archeologists find an 8,000 year old skeleton in a surprising place. Go beyond the headlines…

WHO chief says end of COVID pandemic “is in sight”

Ukraine Timelapse Map Video Shows How Much Russians Have Retreated

How inflation is fueling a nationwide labor movement

Latino legends helped pave the way in Hollywood, but the road is still rocky

The Founder Of Patagonia Is Giving The Company Away So That All The Profits Go Toward Fighting Climate Change

China Discovers Stunning Crystal on the Moon, Nuclear Fusion Fuel for Limitless Energy

‘Dinosaur mummy’: Researchers believe they’ve found one of the best preserved dinosaurs ever

Period tracking app Flo rolls out ‘Anonymous Mode’

8,000 year-old human skeleton discovered by cave divers near Tulum

‘Bolsonaro promotes hatred’: violence stalks run-up to crucial Brazil election

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